Jewelry Supply Stores In Atlanta, Georgia

There are various kinds of material need in making jewelry, and choosing the correct materials for you is vital. One of the most important is beads stringing material. The beads stringing materials you choose will be the skeleton of your design and will affect the technique used to construct your jewelry.

For this project you will need some vintage buttons to put at the center of your bracelet, and coordinated stones and beads for the rest. Prepare also a bracelet Nitinol rods, some jewelry making tools like round tipped needle nose pliers for looping each end and holding the beads and little materials in effect and a wire cutter. If you wish to finish the end of your bracelet, you may use glue on an end cap.

In the Atlanta metropolitan area, two jewelry supply stores that provide a nice variety of beads and wonderful customer service are Brina Beads and The Bead Bug.

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Use the wire cutter on the pliers to cut a length of wire 1″ longer than you want the necklace to be. Try it on first, as the wire sits differently than other necklaces.

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Your bracelet is now finished! This bracelet can be worn to work, at night out on the town, or when shopping at the mall. Store it in your jewelry box when not in use.

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