Permanent Hair Removal: The Ugly Truth!

Laser hair removal has gotten a lot of airtime on radio and television commercials. There are many ads for it online, too. If you want to know if this is the right treatment for you, you will need to contact a provider to discuss your options. For many people, the question is whether or not this is a good option for their needs. It may even seem too good to be true. If you have questions and concerns, you are not alone. However, what you will find out is that this procedure is one of the safest and most effective methods for making a big change in your looks.

Swelling and Redness: People with sensitive skin may also experience some swelling and redness. This can be easily treated with creams the surgeon can apply before and after the operation. If you’ve had sensitive skin trouble in the past, let them know and they will know what to do. You may experience redness and swelling for a couple of days after treatment as well. If so, they will prescribe something for you.

Another great treatment package includes eMatrix around- the- eyes treatment, Xeomin for crow’s feet (24 units), SkinMedica Uplifting Eye Serum and SkinMedica TNS Illuminating Eye Cream or TNS Eye Repair. All this for just $615 while supplies last. If that’s not enough, Dr. Kavali says she will give you oa FREE Latisse Kit so your lashes can property frame your fresh eyes!

If you know anyone that’s had laser hair removal procedure done recently, I’m guessing you got their input and opinion. I’d also guess that you heard an earful of positive acclaim for the procedures. In general, recipients of bioidentical hormones report they are very happy with their results and how it allows them to skip the daily ritual of shaving.

When the selection is made, add the item to the shopping cart and check out. Enter your billing information and your preference of shipping method, if more than one type offered.

Q-switched Frequency-doubled Nd:Yag: 532 nm. This laser creates a green light which is highly absorbed by red and orange targets. Useful primarily for red and orange tattoo pigments, this wavelength is also highly absorbed by melanin (the chemical which gives skin color or tan) which makes the laser wavelength also effective for age spot or sun spot removal.

You have what I refer to as the “bull dog” sitting at the check out area and when a patient tries to leave without paying their portion they attack like a dog going after a piece of raw meat! You know the type, they will literally wrestle the patient to the floor before letting them slide on a payment.

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