Pipe Welding – 3 Things You Need To Know About To Be Successful

Some of the best pipe welding work is building power plants. Some of the best power plant work is building nuclear power plants. Why? And is there a future in it?

These are the people who are in the union loop, and count on union clout on union jobs to get hired. They are not the welders who are knocking on the door to join the union in tough times. These welders would never work a non-union job. These guys are so well connected, that as long as they can strike an arc they’ll be working as much as they want to.

Click to know schools will be full and stay full, starting now. Even if you’re a great structural welder right now, and you have all your structural certifications, you can’t weld pipe until you get your 6G certification – the hardest certification to get in welding. And, because the USA oil boom I’m talking about is already under way, you’ll find it very hard and very expensive to get into a pipe welding school.

It is good news because it means we can pull ourselves out of our current economic troubles by simply producing natural gas and oil from our own reserves. We can easily create a million jobs.

That in itself makes it harder for the employer to find qualified welders. The laws of Supply and demand take over and the pay goes up in order to attract the best welders.

One trick you can apply with this type of rod is this: The polarity can be switched when welding this rod allowing for less penetration or digging as it is being welded. Sometimes on thin metal or metal that cannot hold up to a great deal of scouring effort by the norm of these rods can be overcome by this little trick. Make the ground positive and the hot lead negative (reverse polarity). You will find that the sound is a bit different while welding than it normally would be. You will also find that the welding rod does not have the tendency to dig or penetrate as much.

All kinds of things get towed including welding rigs. Let’s say it’s a DUI and the rig is impounded. The system charges so much for that impounded rig, it doesn’t take long and the welder throws up his hands. The rig goes to lien sale. If you have your ear in the right spot, you can pick up an amazing deal. This is also a great way to buy a good truck or car.

Heat, travel speed, and rod angle are the 3 most important factors when welding with stick rod. I said heat, travel speed, and rod One thing that does not usually hurt the stick rod category is wind. It has to really be blowing in order to hurt the fast freeze series of welding rods. Some of the rods I mentioned earlier are AC rods and some of them are DC rods. Keep that in mind when choosing your rod. I have another article coming on that. Well that’s all the time on this article. Thanks from the author.

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