Proactive Public Relations – 3 Great Customer Service Tips For Business Growth

It’s important to create a compelling Twitter profile to make a lasting first impression. When prospects like your photo, your background and your bio they will follow you. You will be regarded as an expert and authority. This will cause them to pay attention to your tweets, connect with you on Facebook, visit your blog and eventually enter their contact details in one of your squeeze pages. Then the sales begin.

Who doesn’t love free press for their business? When you put your brand out there and include original content and position yourself as an expert in your industry (see #6), your brand will get easily picked up by Twitter, bloggers, websites, other social media platforms and the free press will come knocking at your door.

Permanence. Again, once it’s online, nothing is really private and everything is essentially permanent. However, a private Kime, Alex Coleman is at least a little less permanent than a public Twitter. Deleting a public Tweet doesn’t always remove it from search engines or Twitter’s internal search. Private Tweets don’t go into those search engines in the first place, so they don’t have to be deleted from them in order to be removed.

Buddy Media created something for Seaworld that was different, viral and it integrated the brand into an experience. It seems like this is the direction where social media campaigns are headed – doing something creative that engages customers with your product. And with this campaign they put social back into social media.

If you have been trying to make money with your twitter account without much success, then you can definitely do better with the help of tweet tutor. Once you use the system, you may not find it to be truly groundbreaking, but it will definitely help you manage your multiple accounts in an easier way while saving on a lot of time.

You will be presented with websites that have reviewed that particular survey company. Read the reviews on a few of the sites that you come across and see what others are saying about company.

Finding creative ways to build your email mailing list can be fun and rewarding. Just put yourself in your customer’s shoes and make sure you are offering an easy way for all visitors to signup for your list. Capturing and using this valuable data should be a big part of your online marketing strategy.

Most importantly, make sure that you are always posting from you. Don’t make your Twitter posts read like sales letters or PR campaigns, thread your personality into all your posts. You need to come off as a real, down-to-earth person in order for people to connect with you. When you let your personality shine, people will be much more drawn to you than just posting a list of boring Tweets. This also goes for copy and paste DM, and trying to sell someone on something (even if it is just to follow you on Facebook) when they decide to follow you. People can see through copy and paste messages, and you aren’t helping anything by using them.

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