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Amanda Bynes slammed another person today for their looks on Twitter today. The New York Daily News reported on May 26 that the 27-year-old troubled actress went after the singer for her looks. Amanda went after RiRi calling her “ugly.” She even went as far to bring up the performer’s relationship with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

A report from E! Online on March 23 says that Kardashian posted a new image on Instagram which displayed her different eye color tests, including a baby blue, a deep aqua and a green color. Kim showed off various pics which included different outfits, leaving some to wonder why the change, and if she just has too much time on her hands.

The former Disney Channel star has managed to keep up with work on new music, while partying hard during the Grammy weekend and sending out angry tweets regarding a controversial photo posted on curtidas no instagram of what looked like Miley smoking weed. Miley didn’t deny that she was in the photo. However, she did angrily tweet that she did not have Instagram.

TMZ has recently been reporting the updates on Bieber’s relationship with Selena Gomez. The young couple has been going through some difficult times together. Selena Gomez walked out on their dinner after an intense argument. After she left, Bieber followed her home, where she would not let him in past the gates.

A push present is traditionally a gift to the new mom from the father of the baby thanking them for…well, pushing. Snooki and Jionni welcomed baby Lorenzo on August 26. While his nursery, mom’s new shoe obsession, and now Snooki’s push present have all made their Twitter debut – baby Lorenzo has not. A fake picture of Snooki’s baby was circulating on the Internet on Monday, but the Jersey Shore star confirmed the baby in the picture with her and Jionni is their nephew and not their son.

The other film about the Greek demigod, also called “Hercules” (minus the 3D part) stars Dwayne Johnson as the bulking hero. Johnson previously shared a picture of himself on set in full costume. The picture, which you can see to the left, only gets his backside, but you can tell Johnson’s bulked up even more for this role.

Whether or not makeup was worn for her supposedly no-filter photo, the better question may be why Kanye West is staying in Paris while his girlfriend jets to Africa solo. Maybe the love-birds will rendezvous in Casablanca…

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