10 Commandments For Kitchen Safety

The home you reside is the location you commence and end each day. It is a place where you should be able to feel at calm, in control and relaxed. Because your kitchen is central to your way of living and is the recipient of a lot of traffic, it is imperative to keep this part of your home organized. Here’s a step by step guide on how to get, and keep, your kitchen organized.

Baked Roots: Bake garnet yam, yellow fin or purple potato and keep in fridge. The combination of cold broccoli and yellow fins are one of my favorites! The garnet yams contain beta carotene, a good source of vitamin A.

Depending on what time of the day you’ll be meeting, and how many meals you are assembling, you may want to add a couple of frozen pizzas to the grocery list. Then half way through, you can break for lunch.

This could be done over weeks or a month depending on your child and your schedule. The idea is to start getting into a loose rhythm that you can build on over the years. Especially if you plan to homeschool down the road. A solid rhythm will make the transition into the grades seamless. Put your basic foundation into place now. Example: Morning meal and walk. Circle time and story. Then snack and free play. After lunch craft or activity. Outside time. Poverty Meal Prep then dinner. Once you have the rhythm going you can sprinkle in the elements of your theme.

You should always include at least one beloved dish into every week and play around with it. Make a favorite kind of stew one week and a favorite kind of pasta the next. You can also look for recipes with common ingredients. This will help you avoid buying small amounts of many ingredients. If you buy in larger quantities, it will be less expensive. Find new recipes from books or websites to serve in between your rotating meals.

Yogurt is a food that can be enjoyed year-round. It’s live bacteria helps a healthy immune system sustain balance. Stir in a bit of wheat germ for texture and extra vitamins. Whole grains, like found is some breads, contains Vitamin E and zinc, along with a host of other good-for-you things. This, too, will help maintain a healthy immune system. And, as much as it may make our breath unpleasant, garlic packs a wallop as one of the greatest disease-fighting foods. As a perk, it adds great flavor to stews, soups and spaghetti as well as lasagna.

A rice cooker, food processor, vegetable chopper, hand blender, pressure cooker, and crock pot are all kitchen appliances that make your job easier, and reduce cooking time. Consider investing in one or more of these appliances to aid your meal prep.

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10 Commandments For Kitchen Safety

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