How Small Businesses Should Behave On Social Media Platforms?

You can do this on facebook or instagram or twitter….In this company, for every $40 sign up that’s made,$80 comes to you check,or direct deposit period.This is something Legit and Real. If you get in now, you canexpect to see results by next Friday.

With Kate Middleton’s suspected due date of July 13 long past, the world began to wait for news on her arrival at St. Mary’s Hospital in London. The first tweet on the news went out at 5:55 a.m. BST by photographer Jesal Parshotam, nearly two hours before the official announcement from the account of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In an interview with Yahoo!OMG, Derek Ramsay, ex-boyfriend of Angelica Panganiban, confirmed his relationship with Cristine Reyes, one of the sexiest celebrities in the industry today. Said interview was posted on this website this afternoon, Aug. 29, 2013 (Philippine time).

Using social acronyms is best saved for personal sites. Even I have difficulty with knowing when its appropriate to send a message with a smiley face or an “LOL” at the end. I usually wait for my potential bosses or clients to set the mood of the conversation and follow suit. If they are more casual and use abbreviations and acronyms, then I adjust. If they are professional, then my conversation and demeanor is more professional. In my personal online circle of friends, I have learned that different cultures have different acronyms. If you are going to be working with someone from the UK and you are in the US, you may find you need someone to explain things to you anyway. Why add complicated acronyms on top of that? It is just not professional.

As you think of your professional “personality”, it may be hard to decide if you should change any element of yourself or leave it out. Think of your professional sites as your preliminary interview. You want to show off as much relevant experience as you have, but you don’t want to over do it. Most companies only require a minimum of 5 years experience in any field. Post the jobs you have had in the last 5 years that are the most relevant.

Justin Bieber is counting the days on the release of his new album “Believe Acoustic” on twitter. Bieber mooned his fans Saturday on instagram post maker. He was wearing a black tank-top, sunglasses, and a hat. In a report on USA Today, while E! says it was just a prank, t might have also been a way to pull in more social media followers. Bieber quickly deleted the photo, but it was already seen by many people.

Since the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to the hospital the hashtag #RoyalBaby has been used over 900,000 times. News of the event and congratulatory tweets went out across the globe with the most chatter coming from USA, the UK, Canada, France and Italy.

Your professional network will say a lot about you as a person. It is best to have a network for friends and a separate network for work-related and job searches. This way, anything you post can not be held against you.

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