Should You Buy A Home Theater System That’s Already Set Up?

Christmas may still feel comfortably far away, but retail and customer service managers are hiring now for their Christmas holiday work force. In fact, many big box retailers break the season into Holiday I, Holiday II and Holiday III zones, and the first of those marketing zones starts next week. Retail managers want their holiday staff trained and ready to go long before Black Friday.

I know I’m beginning to sound a bit like the Old Spice Man, but hyperbole aside, the MM-1 has to be the best looking computer speaker on the market. It’s not outlandish, neither does it draw attention to itself. It’s sleek, elegant, and looks incredibly graceful. There is just one word to describe its looks: classy. I would’ve bought them just to stare at them for hours, even if they didn’t produce the tiniest smidgen of sound.

When you install your own home theater, you have a lot of options as to what equipment to buy. You can purchase a “home theater in a box” setup which provides you with everything you need. This is a great idea of you don’t know what components you want or you simply want the convenience of one stop shopping and the assurance that all your components will fit and work together.

Circuit boards and safety breakers are also necessary. Power boards with safety breakers in case of power surge and overload are desirable, particularly during thunderstorms.

We went up to the smallest room, but it was too small so, like Goldilocks we went to the next, but ended up in the largest room, so that we could entertain friends or family too. Neither of knew what to do next about the home movie centre, but we knew that we could empty the room out and measure it, which is what we did. All the furniture went into the garage until the charity shop could take it away and we went to the computer to get advice.

But here’s something to think about – should you do your own Home Theater Installation or leave it up to a skilled professional? Let’s consider a few things to help you decide.

As a 2.0 system, the MM-1 sits small. Each speaker is just 6.7 inches high and 3.9 inches wide. Each unit includes a 3 inch woofer and a 1-inch tweeter. On the right speaker, you’ll find four 18-watt Class D amplifiers – two for the right speaker, two for the left. You can connect the B&W MM-1 to your computer via a USB cable. To make the system “audiophile proof”, the USB cable runs through a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that increases the output of the woofers and smoothens out the sound.

Only you can decide what size Flat Screen TV you want to purchase for your family. Do a little planning, make informed choices, and you’ll be much happier with your new Big Screen TV!

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Should You Buy A Home Theater System That’s Already Set Up?

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