The 2010 Bmw M5 With 5.0L V10

One thing almost all cars have in common is the need for gas. It doesn’t matter if it’s the survivalist in the oxidized Mercury station wagon or the overweight investment broker stuffed into a convertible BMW Z4, at one time or another during the week we all have to pay homage to the gas pump. Our generous friends at the oil companies have given us three choices, regular, mid-grade or premium gas. The price between regular and premium can vary by as much as twenty cents or more…ouch!

You don’t necessarily have to become a leader to be followed (even though I recommend you attain to that worthy goal), you merely have to PROJECT THE QUALITIES AND IMAGE of a leader to be treated like one.

LED – Light-emitting diodes. Light technology now used in head and tail lights, as seen on Audi, 320D remap and others. Rather than one big light, it looks like a number of smaller lights.

Examine your potential competition. How many PDR techs are there in your area, and are they operating in your potential market? What are they charging? How much rapport does your competition have locally with your potential market? Keep notes.

Again am not going to come off like an expert because frankly I don’t write a budget every month. But I do have a simple spreadsheet that gives me an idea of how much money I can spend every month. Thus I have an idea of my limitations and am better prepared for surprises. BUDGET!

Perhaps the strangest thing about Kimi was the end of the race shenanigans. Despite being a bump in the road for most of the race, he would suddenly come on in the last 10 laps and show tremendous speed. In fact, he by far had the most fast laps in the race season. The management of Ferrari must have been beside themselves with frustration. This makes it all the stranger that they have decided to bring the Kimster back for 2009. One can only hope he shows up in the right frame of mind.

Els is in. Els made it into the World Golf Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. No argument with the Big Easy’s induction, but ex-president George H.W. Bush? Gag me with a 9-iron.

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