Twelve Seeds To Plant To Keep Your Sales Funnel Full

I have been dabbling with online marketing, affiliate marketing, and Network Marketing for over 10 years. It has not been easy and in the past has been extremely difficult to focus on one method. I gave up at one point for over 3 years. The frustration got the best of me. Search engines change their indexing, lead sources that were once effective become diluted over time, and in general, the internet itself is a constantly evolving, complex animal. A few of the more successful areas for me in recent years have been blogging, Pay per Click (PPC), and more recently my Facebook Fan Page. It is all about persistence and leveraging time. In the early stages of a new online business, you will not have the critical mass that will follow later.

I’ve done it–now granted, I work 45, 50 hours a week. But if you’re working full time online, that’s probably what you should be working, is 45 or 50 hours a week, and you really have to focus on product creation. One of my biggest priorities, every single day, is my product creation. I create products on a very regular basis–every single day, or almost every single day, I work on one of my upcoming products, adding a few pages, sometimes writing as much as ten or twenty pages on my free–on my new product.

So, commit to paying attention to audios and reading daily. This will transform the way you interact and before you know it you will BE the leader your prospects are trying to find…

The answer is a web game. That’s right, they use a search based web game to market hip hop music and other products to it’s huge viewership. They used the underground music niche in concert with their visuals to build a receptive audience then placed a clickfunnels 19 per month nearby for the music. There isn’t anything amazing about using web video to market, it’s being done everyday. What’s amazing is that it all happened as an accident. As it turns out the underground musicians that they use to score the games video sequences, more often than not, shoot to the top of the hip hop/rap charts.

Now this sales approach is very effective, but I don’t see it being implemented by too many people online these days. The goal here is to not hard sell your prospects, but to give them enough valuable information so they can make an informed decision as to whether they want your product or service. If you have targeted traffic to your business then this shouldn’t be a difficult task.

When hiring a real estate marketing agency, you should ask yourself 3 main questions. If you can’t answer them, you are not in a good place to hire out your lead generation.

I was listening to Brian Tracey in a webinar last night and he said something profound as he usually does, he said most people fail in business because they try something once and fail and don’t bother to keep trying until they get it right. Hmm how true! That’s why this last key to wealth, consistent implementation is what separates the professional success seekers and the ones who will ultimately succeed in building lasting wealth versus those who are just curious.

Make sure that you create high ticket products in your niche and setup a powerful backend marketing system to sell them. If you do this your sales funnel will sell them automatically making you loads of cash in the long run without your involvement. Make sure you read this article once again and get started.

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