What Is Your Online Business?

No matter how good your food tastes and looks, expect it to get zero attention if your menu looks drab and dull. Put as much effort on your restaurant menu design as you give your food preparation and presentation. And to achieve pictures that do your food justice, result to digital graphic printing.

If you are dealing with a commercial, digital offset print company, any print job that is below 250 is considered as a custom print job. Sometimes, even lass than 500 is may also said to be custom printing.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the perfect direct mail envelope (white #10 – return address without a name – looks very much like personal mail)… and it came from a furnace company!

Make contact easy. Ensure your contact info clearly displayed on your website. Make it easy for your visitors to find your digital direct address, phone number, or email address. Nothing is more frustrating to me when I’m searching for info on a website than to find only an 800 number. I want to know with whom I’m about to do business (a name) and where this business is located.

How about digital printing like the photo books being printed at a lot of places? Once again a few years but not necessarily more than 20 or 30 years.

For those that are trying to find what may be on your site, but don’t know your URL, search engines are by far the best way of getting ‘hits’. Getting your site positioned high up on a search engine is a highly difficult and complicated matter, but if you get it right it can reap substantial rewards!

Tip #10. Promotion tips. There are thousands of ways you can promote your book. Tackle them one or two at a time. If you jump in and try 10 different promotion methods/tools, things will get messy and you won’t be able to devote your full attention to each promotion method. Focus on one or two at a time.

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What Is Your Online Business?

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